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Lieb Farms is a progressive, 5th generation family farm based near Monticello, IL.  We are primarily a corn and soybean production farm in Piatt County and the surrounding area.  However, we also raise 100% all natural, grass-fed American Bison for meat production.
What's new around the Farm!
Spring is FINALLY upon us!  It's been a long, hard winter here in Central Illinois. Below normal temps and above average snowfall, well into March, has everyone ready for it to be over.  We are ready to plant corn as soon as the ground temperature warms up to 50 degrees @ 4" and our insurance coverage kicks in the first week of April.  It is gonna take some heat to get the ground ready in time, we had 24" of frost in the ground to thaw.  This is going to be another year of challenges.  The weather is a huge concern. We are very dry despite all the snow and rain.  With ground being frozen, most of the moisture ran off, rather than soaked in.  This could also be a year for a late frost in May, which would devestate the corn and cause us to replant.  Despite Mother Natures plans, we will do our very best to have another safe and successful year at Lieb Farms! 

Below are pics from 2013 Harvest and a wild turkey in our hayfield last summer.