LIEB FARMS               
Modern Farming & Traditional Values

We are a 5th generation family farm in Piatt County, Illinois.  Currently, we have three generations actively working on the farm.  Our Grandfather, Bob, still helps out including operating a combine in the fall.  At 85, he is a true asset to the operation from his wisdom to his hard work ethic, in which he has instilled in us.  Bob's son, Terry, has been actively farming for over 30 years.  Throughout his time, he has seen the farm grow into the modern, efficient, and productive operaton that it is today.  Terry's oldest son, Josh, started farming in 2001 after completing his A.A.S degree from Parkland College.  Terry's youngest son, Jake, came into the operation in 2005 after completing his B.S. from Southern Illinois University.  Both sons entered farming in an exciting, yet challenging time in agriculture.  The technology in agriculture is exploding, from GPS guidance and mapping, to new genetically modified crops.  At the same time we are facing challenges in agriculture.  Debates such as food vs fuel, and urban sprawl consuming prime farmland, rage on.  Terry, Josh, and Jake are all active in the Farm Bureau to help fight the fight for agriculture and be a positive voice in the community.  The number of active farmers is decreasing, but our voice must still be heard to preserve this way of life that we have been blessed with. 

We are a modern family operation with traditional values. We currently operate farmland in Piatt, Macon, Moultrie, and Champaign counties. We treat every farm that we operate like it is the only one. We keep roadsides mowed, trimmed, and sprayed. Our fields are free of weeds and are kept in the best possible condition. We stay up to date on the newest technologies so we can give our landowners the best return possible on their investment. We are currently looking for farmland to operate in Piatt, Macon, Moultrie, Douglas, DeWitt, and Champaign counties. We are interested in any Crop Share, Cash Rent, or Custom Farming opportunities. If you are looking for a progressive family to operate your farmland, please contact us.